21 Reasons Why Does Your Crush Stare At You (2023)

When I was in school, I used to stare at my crush many times when she was not paying attention, and the main reason I used to see her a lot was that I loved her so much even more than my life.🌺💕🌺

If your crush also stares at you many times and you want to know why he is looking at you so often then this post is for you.

By recalling my past school days, I have found out 21 possible reasons which are making your crush stare at you.

So without wasting your single second, let’s get started……

Make sure to read this post till the end to find out all the 21 reasons why your crush is staring at you.

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1. You Are So Beautiful😍

If you are the prettiest girl in your class and once you enter the class, your crush’s eyes also get stunned by your beauty then, of course, he will not be able to control himself from staring at you because he is falling in love with your eyes, hair, nose, smile, and entire body.💕

Try to put yourself in his place and think, if you were in his place, would you be able to take your eyes off?

2. Maybe He Likes You Too & Is Falling In Love With You💕

You have a crush on him so it’s quite obvious that you always wish to God to make him love with you.

Maybe God has granted your wish and your crush has started liking you and is totally in love with you.

You can easily find out whether he loves you or not by raising your eyebrows and neck at him and giving a charming smile when he looks at you. (Way of questioning without asking through the mouth)

After that, if he gives you a cute smile too and starts looking into your eyes then surely he loves you.

You can also find out by sitting with him and holding his hand in yours and then asking “Do you like me?”

Believe me, after this he will say what is in his heart for you, if your love is true for him then maybe he will say ‘yes’.

3. You Are Becoming His Habit

When a boy falls in true love with a girl, his eyes always try to see that girl every day and every time.

Like this, maybe your crush has fallen in your love and his eyes are trying to stare(in a good way) at you again and again, then he starts getting used to seeing you frequently.💕

If he tries to stop himself from staring at you because he’s a nice guy and he doesn’t want you to feel uncomfortable then he will have to force his eyes a lot to do so and I don’t think he’ll be able to do this if he is totally affectionate towards you.💕

4. He Knows You Have Crush On Him❤️

I used to sit behind my crush, she wasn’t aware that I love her so much, slowly she started flirting with me by making a cute face, giving a charming smile, biting her lower lip, touching my hand, etc.

Seeing this from my crush convinced me that she likes me too and then I started seeing her many times but she was very strong as she was able to make eye contact with me for a long time but since I was a shy guy so I wasn’t able to make eye contact with her for a long time and then I used to take my eyes off from her eyes by giving her a cute and attractive smile to make her know I have feelings for her. (these days were the golden period of my life💔)

That way, if your crush finds out that you have a crush on him and he already likes you then I don’t think he’ll be able to control himself to stare at you because now, he is sure that his queen(you) loves her king(him) back.

5. It Pleases Him When He Looks At You🌺

When your crush stares at you then probably he loves it, his heart blossoms and his body feels very relaxed and so complete.

As he is getting a very good feeling then tell me how he will be able to stop himself from looking at you?

The answer is it’s impossible for him to do this.

6. He Wants To Show That He Really Needs You💕

If your crush is staring at you with eyes full of emotions and his facial expressions are so sweet then it means that he needs you more than anything in his life.

It’s like he’s a tree and you’re sunshine and if he can’t see you or you’re not in front of him, he will get weaker and weaker day by day……💔

He always wants to see you for whole life without losing interest or love for you.

7. He Misses You So Much At His Home💔

After classes are over, you all go to your houses and your crush too. If he is totally into you then it’s very obvious he will miss you so much at his home because he loves you a lot and a lover misses his love when she is not with him.

He spends at least 15-20 hours at home without you and as a man, I can tell, every hour without you becomes a year for him.

And this is the reason everyday he would stare at you the next day.

8. May Be He Wants To Say What’s in His Heart💞

If your crush is shy by nature but he stares at you with a face like he wants to say something to you then it is very possible that he wants to tell you what’s in his heart for you.💕

To make it easier for him since he is your crush, you can sit beside him and say ‘Okay tell me what you want to say’

I hope he will reveal his feelings for you.

9. He’s Losing Control Over Himself👄

It is possible that your crush has started to love you so much that he is losing control over himself.

Maybe his body is craving to see towards you and this is making him stare at you.

It is also possible that these days he is trying to talk with you, get your number, or offer a lift in his car to you.

All these things are happening with your crush because he is falling in love with you very strongly & losing control over himself.

10. It’s Just A Coincidence

You may be thinking that why your crush keeps staring at you all the time but trust me, it can be a coincidence as whenever his gaze stops at you, you also accidentally catch him looking at you.

So, before making any conclusion about him, make sure to know the full reality.

And you can easily find out the reality by examining his facial and eye expressions when he stares at you.

If he is looking at you like a normal guy then he is not interested in you but if he looking at you with a loving face then he is interested in you.👍

11. You’re Also Looking At Him

Fun Fact: You are saying that your crush stares at you many times but here, you are hiding one thing i.e you’re also seeing your crush many times otherwise how do you know that he is looking at you?❣️

This shows that not only your crush but you are also interested in him.💕

12. You Have Started To Look More Beautiful

The girl who was my crush was very simple when it comes to looking good but during high school, she made some big changes to her outfit like she started to make a new hairstyle, wear new watches & bracelets on her hand, wear new dresses, and more.

Believe me, after making these changes in her dressing style, she started to look more beautiful than ever and my love for her increased more than ever.

Similarly, if you have changed your dressing style and you are looking more beautiful than ever before, then this could be one of the reasons why your crush is staring at you.

13. He Wants To Save Your Face in His Eyes & Heart💕

This can be a very good reason why your crush stare at you.

He is looking at you again and again because he wants to save your face in his eyes and heart so that he can always find you in his fantasies whenever he is alone or dreams at night.💕

14. Maybe He is Becoming Protective Of You

When a guy starts to love a girl then there are very high chances that he will start to become protective of that girl and to do this he needs to keep looking at her so that he can keep an eye & can stop anyone who is trying to tease her or talk disrespectfully with her.

Similarly, if your crush likes you back then there is a high probability that he is becoming protective of you and this is making him stare at you often.💕

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15. You Have Tried To Impress Him Recently

He is your crush then probably you have tried to impress him in recent times and maybe this has developed feeling for you in his heart and he has started to like you.

So try to remember that have your tried to impress your crush recently?

If your answer is ‘yes’ then this can be a reason which is forcing your crush to look at you frequently.

16. He is Daydreaming By Looking At You

The biggest feature of daydreaming is that one can see dreams with open eyes.

If your crush loves you back then he may start daydreaming by looking at your face like he can dream that he and you have become life partners and are living together.

So, if your crush is staring at you then it is possible that he is daydreaming.

You can move your hand left-right in front of his face to bring him back from dreams.

17. Maybe You’re Sitting in Front of Him

By God’s grace, my crush used to sit in front of me as I was behind him so I always keep looking at the writing board in front.

Now, if she thinks I’m looking at her all the time then it’s not my fault here because the writing board and she was in front of me so I need to look in front to see the board and it is wrong if she thinks I’m looking at her.

In reality, I also want to look at her most of the time because she was my love.🤠

Similarly, if you are sitting in front of your crush, you will always feel that he is staring at you but in reality, he is looking at the board in front.

18. He Wants To Sit With You

I also wanted to sit in my class with my crush but I could never tell her!! (I was shy)

Similarly, if your crush is shy but loves you a lot & also wants to sit with you in your class then he may start staring at you innocently because he lacks the courage to tell you that he wants to sit with you.💔

19. Unknowingly You’re Allowing Him

One of the simple reasons why your crush is staring at you is that you are allowing him to look at you.

Because you like him so you are not saying anything to him otherwise he would stop looking at you if you had warned him not to stare at you.

20. Don’t Start To Judge Him

Your crush stares at you and because of this if you are trying to judge him as bad or good then it is not good because you have no clue which can prove that he is wrong or right.

So, if your crush keeps looking at you then only try to judge your crush when you have valid clues or reasons.

21. Only He Knows The Exact Reason

I have given many reasons above but still many reasons are unknown because the circumstances in everyone’s life are different.

So, to find out the exact reason that is making your crush keep looking at you, then you need to sit down with your crush and ask him why he is staring at you….

Final Words

Personally, I don’t like this type of guy who always stares at a girl because it makes a girl feel uncomfortable.

I had also a crush on a girl but I never tried to see her more than 10-15 times.

Coming to the point I have shared 21 reasons which are making your crush to stare at you and I hope you liked my points.

For more posts like this, please check all the categories of my blog.

Till that take care and have a nice day ahead….


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