Clear Signs She Cares About You More Than Anything - (2023)

Clear Signs She Cares About You More Than Anything - (1)

Last updated on August 9, 2022 by Michelle Devani

As a boy, frequently you meet with many girls who want to know, connect, and care about you. But, there are some of them only wants to get benefits or only necessary to kill her time with you. Other reasons, she wants to know and close with you, only to get materials or your popularity benefits for her. She wants to improve her fame by your popularity. You may also read:

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Maybe it is not easy to know and detect a girl who really care about you (without getting advantage from you). But, there are some signs that you can use to clarify many girls around you. You have to beware in clarifying if you want to get a relationship then.


1. On Her Mind

Clear Signs She Cares About You More Than Anything - (2)

If she cares, you will be often on her mind. She will remember everything about you. Your profile, birthday, interest, family, etc. You will be on her mind without your excuse.

2. Wants To Know Your Day

A girl who cares about you wants to know very detail about your days. She wants to know what you are doing in your days, your activities and your events.

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3. Your Health Is Important

She cares about you if she also cares about your health. Maybe, she will be a finicky girl who forbids you to eat something or suggest you eat something. She will act like your attendant. Then, if you are cold, she will be your nurse. She will be your side in your weak day.

4. Your Future, Her Concern

A girl who cares for her boy will concern on his future. She will put her concern on your future plans, give advice like a wise person and ponder everything for your future. She will be your nice supporter.

5. Your Friends, Her Line

She will try to adapt with your friends if she cares about you. She will try to be open with your friend line and try to know your friends more. Your friends are her friend without forgetting about you.

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6. Your Family, Her Heart

If you have a friend or a girl who cares about your family, it is a sign she also cares about you. A caring girl will also care for your family. She will put her interest on your little brother, mom, father or try to talk with your grandparents. Moreover, she will also remember your pets, talk, and care for your dog, cats or birds.

7. Your Happiness, Her Goal

Clear Signs She Cares About You More Than Anything - (3)

Yep, if a girl cares about you, she will feel your sorrows. In solving your sadness, she will try to make you happier. She will try to entertain you because your happiness is her goal. Your happiness is her happiness.

8. Your Well-being, Her Lullaby

Someone who cares about you will get peaceful if she finds your well being in your condition, healthy, and happiness. She will not sleep if she finds you are in bad condition, healthy and sadness. Your pleasantness in life is her lullaby. She will be fine and has bed time at night after she knows you.

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9. Your Personal Growth, Her Spirit

If you feel like giving up because you do not achieve your goals, she will come to your life. She's really concern on your personal growth and get more spirit if she finds your better personal growth. The achievement in your life is her spirit and achievement.

10. Make A Time

She is a hard worker but still has a time for you. If you find it in her, it is a sign she cares. A girl who cares about you will always try to make a time for you. She will write your time in her schedule.

11. Ready To Listen

Remember! Remember! Yes, remember a girl whom always listen to your stories. You can make a list for some girls eliminate them till you find a girl that always ready to listen to your stories. A girl who cares is always ready to listen to her boy's stories. She will be your good listener.

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12. Reply Your Message Quickly

You don't have to wait for long, if she cares about you, she will reply your message quick (if she is free). But, if she's busy, she will put you on her priority. She will reply your message as soon as possible she can.

13. Congrats Your Special Day

Maybe you do not know how she can remember each your special day even you do not remember. If she cares, she will note each your special events on her phone or her notebook.

14. Never Embarrass

She loves to make fun with you in public and she never shares embarrassing information about you. She loves to make some jokes and enjoys her time with you. She cares with your self-esteem.

15. Remembers Your Outfit

If she cares, she will remember what you wear last night. She will remember your everyday outfit when you meet her. You are always in her sight.

16. Knows Your Like Or Dislike

You like something or dislike something, she will give you what you want. She will avoid what you do not like. She loves to make you happy.

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17. Affectionate Staring

Clear Signs She Cares About You More Than Anything - (4)

Maybe there is a distinction between caring and love. But, caring is a part of loving. If she cares about you, she will love you and sees you in affectionate staring.

18. Apologize

Misunderstanding is common in a relationship. But, if she cares with your feeling, she will apologize soon after she did wrong to you. She cares your feelings.

19. Mad At You

She will be mad at you if you do wrong (dangerous for your life). It is a sign of caring. She cares with your conditions. Indeed, you know that she is not only falling in love with you but she also show you signs she cares for you. If you found a girl like that, please keep her and make her always feel special.

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More Signs Of TrueLove

The explanation of the signs she cares above can make you easier to evaluate girls around you. Moreover, you can find your new relationship. Here, there are some signs if a girl wants you more, get a more special relationship.

1. Love Your Joke

A girl will laugh loudly with a boy that make her happy. She will get your jokes even there is no one understand your sense of humor (ambiguous humor).

2. Calls And Texts You Every Time

Clear Signs She Cares About You More Than Anything - (5)

A girl who loves you will call and text you every time even when she is on a busy day. She loves to talk with you even only on phone.

3. Special Gift

Is today your birthday? Then she gives you special gift (your dream item)? Yep, not only special gift, you are also special for her. She will give you more gift even you do not have a special day. She will always try to make you in a special day.

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4. Eye Contact

Do you catch her eyes on you? If yes then she smiles, it is a sign if you are more for her. She loves eye contact with you. She wants to show her desire for you.

5. Plan To Hang Out Alone

She does not like to hang out with your group of her friends. But, she invites you to spend Saturday night together with her.

6. Exclusive Time

A girl who sees you as a special someone will leave her phone and make you as an exclusive boy. She will turn off her phone then she will talk and enjoy during your time with her. You are too special for her to let go. Together time with you is her exclusive time.

7. Sees You In Passionate

Clear Signs She Cares About You More Than Anything - (6)

Seeing you in passionate is one of the signs if she wants you more, having a relationship with you. She always smiles at you, love to talk with you, happy for your success and want to involve in your activities.

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8. Smiles At You

She does not have any other reasons to smile at you because you are a reason for her smiles. She will love to smile at you when you are looking at her. She gets a happy feeling when you give her your eye contact.

9. Compliments You

If you achieve something big or small, she will still compliment you. You are a valuable person for her. She will always see you on your positive way, not on your achievement.

10. Your Detailed Activities Are Important

Everything about you, she will love including for your detail information about your activities. She wants to know your detail activities, it is important for her.

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11. Doesn't Allow You From Being Close With Another Girl

Yep, this is a classic sign of a girl. A girl will avoid her friend (girl) and another girl to be closer to you. She will try to find a way to dominate you in her hand.

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12. Touching is Loving

She loves to be close to you and she loves to be around you. Moreover, she loves to touch you. It is a sign if you are her lovely one. Physical contacts are common in a special relationship.

13. Dressing Up Better

She will try to show better in her appearance. She shows you her special appearance. She will dress up better because she wants you more. She wants you in a relationship and she loves you this much.

14. No Other Guy

She will avoid being closer with another guy. She will keep you as her closest person. She does want to be in a relationship with another guy.

15. Never Mention Another Guy

She will never mention another guy in front of you if she sees you as her everything. She will consider you as everything that she want. So, she never and does not want to tell you another guy. Moreover, to compare you with another guy.

Having a special relationship with a precise girl is not easy. But, from the explanation above, you can make it easier. Thus, you can find out the signs she cares. It is not only a dream. You can make it happen in your love story. In case you ever heard, always spread love on every.

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Clear Signs She Cares About You More Than Anything - (7)

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She makes an effort to continue the conversation.

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There's a few little things that let you know someone's thinking about you:
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  • You're grateful for them. ...
  • You're thinking of introducing them to your family.
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