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Beautiful people I'm challenging you today, not to laugh.

Because if you laugh, you lose it's, always the minecraft in real life, it's starting strong, it's so dank.

Why is he running like that? Stephen you're, not helping? You can smile you just can't.

Oh, okay.

I gotta breathe.

Holy moly.

I take over yeah, we're gonna breathe.

Those are really really good starters.

The funniest part of the clip with him running today looks like you're about to laugh, it's, the minecraft, irl ones that are the funniest not more like hot that's like actually kind of like, oh, no.

You can't.


It you're gonna break the tv person.

Be careful don't.

Do it bro? Don't? Do it you didn't? Do it either you got to stop no.

This is going to break me.

You have to play along with us in the comments.

God, bless.

If you find any of these clubs funny, please like the video, oh, dude, any of the cat stuff, no, unless they get hurt.

It sounds funny.

Maybe they get.

They need to get hurt.

That means to be punishment.

This is kind of funny, no he's, not getting hurt he's.

Just sad what are you about to laugh at that you're way, too close, not king kim's.

My dad keem don't, dig down don't.

Do it it's? A bad idea? I'm freaking out that's, always that I'm, not laughing, I'm, I'm more marveling at it.

He's, fine, he's, fine, please judge.

Oh, that was a breath.

Now I was in breath.

I was breathing there's, no way, that's already two of gotta have the them because this is a rule.

That means there's.

Okay, fine one and a half hearts.

But you didn't get to finish the clip before you laugh, too just that scream is really good.

Please can you lose half a heart for me? There's a sea? Biscuit, oh man.

This is a stone face, I'm something face.

This is my new floater by siri and I'm going to show you how it works.

First you put it on.

This is really hard.

I was breathing in if I can't talk, how am I supposed to make a video? I really want to make a video, but I can't talk without laughing.

This is very difficult.

Normally we react to clips he just did it he's at half a heart he's trying to explain to the eye and that's what I was trying to do.

I don't know, what does steven say, no he's, trying to explain referee's bias I'm just saying we guess youtubers.

And this challenge we can't talk a lot.

But another challenge is, we have to talk a lot.

No it's very different.

I watch this video that screen guy.

I don't know who he is, but the green guy is so funny it's, really funny, president it's, hilarious, I'm doing politics, you're, not laughing, it's, hilarious, I'm doing pilates, I'm, fine it's, not even funny.

These ones get me the real life, minecraft you're, just making this way.

Hard he's got bug eyes.

He kept going with a champ present stop that was really funny.

Please, you got to catch up.

You still have two hearts left, hey, what's, up how's that party all night.

It was all right, but there's.

This guy and he's with his girlfriend and he's, trying to do something that she didn't want to do so what'd you do about it.

I didn't do anything what guys you will not crack this egg.

This egg will be on crack what's.

Your comment, oh it's a monkey.

This is rose.

I feel like I get a hot pepper, no not scabby.

This guy's like my son, I text him every day if the music would have cut a second sooner, I would have left it's gonna be okay.

You already know, it's gonna be a kid getting pelted.


This is my chance.

Don't laugh, don't laugh, don't laugh, don't laugh.


Why is he so good he's, not stone cold at all he's breaking, but he won't laugh.

Look at his body.

He can't even handle it.

Oh I've seen this one, yeah, me too.

I've seen this song.

I can't watch it.

No calm down you're like an unhappy child, dude, at least not how to squeal you need to I'm, not screwing half a heart I'm, not pausing to not laugh.

Count that's.

A really good point.

Stephen that is a very good point we're halfway through this video, you should subscribe because if you this percentage if you're that percentage that means you hate us.

Do you hate this kid, probably can you wave? Please it's very large, it's like yours.

He wants the food.

Okay, we're.


This isn't even funny.

This is you don't think this is at least somewhat funny, no it's, not I think he just wants his home dog, you're, not laughing.

If you say, that's, hysterical, instead of laughing or something wrong.

Vlytra man, that's, sick.

I love this.

Oh, no.

No don't show us the real life.

Oh, my god, ah, that hurts.

Oh, what are you doing calm down you're physical, drop this donkey off it's, british people.

British people are hilarious that wasn't hardcore by the way he just got bigger.

Oh my gosh, that was literally an heart that's just sad that doesn't make me want to laugh.

It's just sad.

It makes me want to laugh.

Oh, my gosh, have you seen this? No okay.

Look at lava.

No is she getting trouble? But she controlled by child.

Yeah, she said, press, q to put it in, but that's, not the end.

Why are you guys? So mean to me? Why it only works with the diamonds stupid? I did that with my other one I'm, not gonna do it I'm, not gonna do it it's.


I saw how far I left.

I gotta get him out clinching my cheeks, all four of them, doggy's, cute doggies, very cute that one didn't get me I'm, not gonna laugh that one was so good.

The animation was incredible.

I mean, it was just immaculate the brownies.

Oh wait.

I need a second gamers every single friday for the month of august we're, giving away a gaming computer or laptop.

All you have to do is purchase merchandise using the link down below in the description, but it's only for the month of august all the gaming computers and laptops are hand signed by me as well.

If you don't like me, you can always sell it on ebay.


Good we're, fine, oh it's.

Not uganda knuckles.

I love avocados from mexico.

He doesn't like avocados avocados from mexico.

He's a fruitist have you seen his video? No, I just like he keeps killing from him that's the big man.

These ones get these ones.

These ones hit preston, hard.


Just the comparison.

Oh it's.

The xbox it's got easier.

I love xbox.

Oh, this is the classic days.

I love his name, mcquown, mcgowan, 420., that's, kind of scary.

Not enough to make me laugh.

He's, fine there's gonna be some sort of end.

Oh, I love that guy.

I love that guy.

Man that was a squeal squeal half a heart breathe in squeal that's.

Half all right? I want to watch the clip.

You gonna go that's so cute, how much longer do we have we after this one, we need a break, no just a five seconds.

This one this one, no, no, no breaks.


No breaks on this lose it, lose it, lose it.

The red ball hit them just like this red shirt person, please, ah, that was a big win for me.

We're, fine, we're, fine.

But first I was hoping, oh here's vicki.

Now, the muppets cheating steven's trying to make me laugh, steven's looking at me with his weirdo eyes.

The muppets don't make me laugh.

We're, fine, we're, fine, we're.

Fine, yeah.



My face is literally hurting I'm all smiling all right.


Try you're hitting me.

You're hitting me.

We have a tie breaker, half a heart one heart.

If any water comes out of our mouth, even a little bit you'll lose a heart up to a heart, depending on how much hmm, I swallowed it.

Did that count? I just swallowed it.

No, no, no, no, no.




I have one heart.

He's got a half bar.

There will have to be a tiebreaker.

You laugh, you lose.

But for now we're, both.

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