Preparing for Baby’s Arrival: When To Start Buying Baby Stuff? (2023)

First off. . . Congrats on your new lil bundle of joy that’s on the way!! When it comes to planning for the baby, the first few weeks of your pregnancy can be exciting and confusing at the same time. You probably have a ton of questions. . . Like, when to start buying baby stuff?

Should you wait until after your baby shower to start shopping for the baby?

Is it bad luck to purchase baby items early in pregnancy?

If you’re like me, the moment you find out about a new baby on the way there is an overwhelming urge to go crazy and start buying stuff. While you’re extremely excited and optimistic, questions like these could stress you out a bit because it’s hard to hold off on shopping for the baby until just the “right time”.

No worries though! I’m here to help you during this exciting time before you get the point of weekly (or daily) Amazon packages being delivered. 😉

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I'm sooo excited . . . . When should I start buying baby stuff?

As soon as you find out you’re pregnant, the number one question on every mom’s mind is, “when should I start buying baby stuff?”

To be completely honest there is no “right” time to start buying baby stuff once you find out you’re expecting, however, there are several things you want to consider before you do.

Remember that even though you have the next 34-36 weeks before your newborn arrives (depending on when you found out you’re expecting), that time will pass really quickly. Use this time wisely!

By the time you go in labor most likely:

  • receive a wide range of gifts from friends and family
  • find great deals online and in-store (which will vary from week to week)
  • what you really need for your baby may change throughout your pregnancy
  • learn what the baby’s gender is
  • have a baby shower
  • decorate the nursery or a dedicated space for baby

So many things that may happen and/or change during the course of your pregnancy.

All of these situations completely change “what” and “when” you should buy for your newborn.

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If you’re wondering when to start buying baby stuff, consider this:

Being a mother of two myself, I understand the urge to want to pick up cute little baby clothes and shoes (or anything for that matter).

However, it’s good to wait until the 2nd trimester before shopping for the new baby. Mainly because, by the 12-week mark, you will be able to find out your baby’s gender, schedule a baby shower, and you’re at a lower risk of a miscarriage.

In any case, here are the two most essential factors to think about before you start buying baby stuff:

What's the gender?

Waiting until you find your baby’s gender to start buying baby stuff is ideal for many expecting moms. While buying gender-neutral stuff is okay, you probably still wanna wait to know what gender your baby is before you begin purchasing cute baby clothes and nursery decor.

If you don’t plan on finding out the gender until the birth then you’ll probably go with all things gender natural or wait to buy most things until after the baby arrives.

The earliest time you can find out your baby’s gender is at around 12 weeks of your pregnancy. This will be different for some so be sure to check with your doctor to verify your options.

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Will you have a baby shower? If so, when is it scheduled?

If you or your friends are going to throw a baby shower, it may turn out to be a good idea to wait until after your baby shower and see what you get. Trust me, baby items that you’re worried about being too expensive, people may be more than happy to buy for you as a gift.

If there is going to be a baby shower, the next question is—when is it scheduled? In case it is not happening until fairly close to your due date, you can think about buying some newborn essentials, such as a few diaper boxes or a baby crib. In case the baby shower is not that far away, you should wait to buy anything at all.

In both cases, there is no need to rush and get everything ready in advance because of how simple it is to order things online nowadays.

Shopping on Amazon is so easy that even if you order baby stuff two weeks before your due date, you will have everything you need, delivered to your house on time (Amazon even offers a two-day delivery option for some extra bucks).

Shopping on Amazon is super easy that even if you order baby stuff within days before your due date, you can have everything delivered just in time (Amazon Prime offers a 2-day delivery option – sometimes items arrive the next day).

Is buying baby stuff early bad luck?

One more question that I see many soon-to-be mothers worry about is if buying baby stuff too early brings bad luck?

Realistically, there is no way you’ll affect your baby medically by buying baby stuff early or anytime during any trimester of your pregnancy. The primary reason why many people believe it is “bad luck” is because of the fact that most miscarriages happen in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.

According to Tommy’s, a registered charity, an estimated one in four pregnancies ends in miscarriage, and most of them happen in the first 12 weeks, known as early pregnancy.

While genetic abnormalities cause many miscarriages in the first trimester, it is thought that around half the miscarriages have underlying causes. This is a saddening study; however, it doesn’t mean buying baby stuff early will bring you bad luck.

Nevertheless, if you do not feel comfortable or you’re superstition, the best option would be NOT to buy anything until the first trimester is over. You can wait as long as you need and get going on that baby shopping spree when it feels right.

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Tips for when you start buying baby stuff during your pregnancy

Going crazy with buying baby stuff and piling up more stuff than you need without thinking about your baby budget could make things challenging for you as your due date gets closer.

Here are some tips you should keep in mind when building up your baby stockpile:

1 - Start a baby registry & get a FREE welcome box

A baby registry is an essential list of baby stuff that you would like to receive as gifts. By starting a baby registry it allows you to:

  • allows you to keep your baby essentials list in one place
  • get a free welcome box & lots of other stuff for both you and baby
  • helps you save money on the total cost of all baby items you’ll need
  • and lets your friends, family, and colleagues know what you exactly need for your baby

In most cases, baby registries can be set up as either a physical in-store baby registry or an online one. Many baby registries offer incredible perks, including a welcome box of freebies, price matching, free returns, extended return periods, and heavy discounts on selected items.

Popular baby registries: Amazon baby registry, Walmart baby registry, and Target baby registry

2 - Build a diapers & wipes stockpile

From the day the baby arrives until the day they are potty trained, your child will run through thousands of disposable diapers [pull-ups] – that could cost thousands. This is why you need to build a stockpile of the one most important baby item – diapers. Stocking up beforehand can save you from the quick runs to the store every day and also save you a ton of money in the long run.

If you end up running out of disposable diapers and/or looking to save money, use cloth diapers and/or sign up for Amazon fast Prime shipping. With Prime, some items (like diapers) are delivered in a day.

3 - Sign up for other free stuff

Whether you’re pregnant with your first baby or even if it is your fifth, free baby stuff can be a big-time lifesaver. Newborns need a whole lot of stuff, and it can get really expensive depending on what you need.

Signing up for free stuff can help you in the long run, whether your budget is tight or you simply like to try new products. Here are some ideas to get free baby items like formula, diapers, clothes, baby gear, and so much more:

  • Sign up for diaper freebies – You can easily get free diapers by requesting free samples, signing up for mailing lists of different diaper companies, and joining diaper reward programs.
  • Get free baby formula samples –Companies like Enfamil and Similac give out free baby formula samples and even full-size baby formula containers in return for feedback.

    Not only will getting free samples to save you a ton of money, but you’ll also have the opportunity to try new baby formulas and see which one your baby enjoys the most.

    Everything you’re looking for—including free samples of medicines, wipes, formulas, and diapers—you can find them if you just know how to look. This article gives you a list of freebies online that you can sign up for and get free stuff.

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What are the important things to buy when expecting a baby?

Among all the things your newborn will need in the upcoming years, what do you need for your infant now? Here are some must-haves you should definitely consider buying when shopping for your baby.

  • Diapers (cloth or disposables) and Wipes – When you start your diaper stockpile, you may or may not know what kind of diapers and baby wipes will work best for the baby. Every baby is different so it really depends. I personally loved using Little Snugglers Huggies for my daughter when she was a baby however I prefer Pampers with my now 6-month-old son.
  • My best suggestion is to stockpile a few different brands so that you can try them with the baby once the baby arrives. Keep track of what store you purchased the boxes from so that you can exchange them later down the line.

You could wait until the baby shower before you start stocking on diapers and wipes, as buying diapers is the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind when thinking of items to buy as a gift. However, if you are not having a baby shower or looking to stockpile as many diapers as possible, then start stocking up on diapers at any time!

  • Baby furniture – The second top priority product your baby needs is baby furniture, including a baby crib, nursing chair, changing table, and high chair.

    You must still wait at least until you find out the baby’s gender to begin ordering baby furniture. This will help you decide what color your baby’s nursery should be.

  • Baby Clothing – Similar to buying furniture, you need to wait until you find out your baby’s gender before you start buying baby clothes. It’s a good idea to get:

    — sleepers

    — onesies

    — receiving blankets

    — socks

    — outerwear (depending on the time of year and location)

    If you’re going to throw a baby shower, you do not have to stock up on these baby clothing items. It’s ideal to obtain these items a little here and there, so you can better manage your baby budget and your baby stash.

  • Car seat – Since you will be on the move with the baby, you need to get a baby car seat. With so many options available, focus on a car seat that’s versatile and will grow with the baby.
  • Baby Formula – Regardless if you’re breastfeeding or not, I truly believe every expecting mom should research and choose 1-2 baby formulas and have them before the baby arrives – even pack it in your hospital bag & take it with you to the hospital.

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What should you not buy when you find out you’re pregnant?

Having a baby is one of the most significant life events that we can ever experience. Because I know how every situation is so different, I’m not going to tell you what you shouldn’t buy, but these posts (listed below) will help you decide which items are most beneficial for you and your baby.

Other posts that are helpful:

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  • Preparing for Newborn Baby Checklist + Free Printable PDF
  • The Ultimate Postpartum Care Kit Checklist: Postpartum Essentials That Moms Can’t Live Without
  • Plus Size Pregnancy Tips: 9 Hacks Every Plus Size Mama Needs

What should you consider not buying for a baby?

If your baby essential list includes the items mentioned below, you might feel it necessary to buy but of course, that is completely up to you. These are just a suggestion of things to avoid buying to save you time and money.

  • Baby shoes: You do not need shoes until your baby actually starts walking. They may look cute, but baby shoes are unnecessary. If you are looking to buy them just for pictures and/or you just want to dress the baby up [just because] then go for it.
  • Traditional Crib bumpers: According to the new guidelines released by the American Academy of Pediatrics, bumper pads should never be used in infant’s cribs as they carry a risk of suffocation, entrapment, or strangulation. There are alternative options that will prevent your baby from hitting the head or sticking their legs and arms in between the bars on a crib.

Baby blankets: You’ll literally drown in baby blankets during your baby shower, as it is many people’s go-to baby gift. You should avoid buying them.

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When is it too late to buy baby stuff?

Other than waiting until around the 13th week to start getting baby stuff [little by little], you also need to keep in mind that it can be too late to buy baby stuff.

I highly suggest you start thinking about what goes on your baby registry and what you’d buy yourself by 20 weeks into pregnancy. If you are looking for the best baby registries, here are a few online options:

Remember, babies have their own timing, and you may go into labor earlier than you expect. This is why it is imperative to start planning everything by 20 weeks and ensure you have everything you need by the 32-week mark.

Any time later than the 32-week mark is considered “late”, and you should avoid having what you need before the baby arrives.

Final Thoughts: When To Start Buying Baby Stuff?

We hope you have a better understanding of when to start buying baby stuff, what baby items should be prioritized, and which ones you can drop from your list. However, if your urge or excitement to start buying baby stuff is high, you shouldn’t feel bad and just buy when you see fit.

Additionally, it is not a bad thing if you end up buying extra baby items that you need up not using, you can use the extended return policy with your baby registry, exchange the items, sell them online (ie., Poshmark, FB marketplace, etc) and/or give them to another expecting mom that could use them.

Expecting a new life is certainly a time to be excited and happy, so quit stressing too much about when you should start buying baby stuff. Follow our tips, try to plan [as much as you can], start a registry, prepare a checklist, and you’re good to go.

Was this article helpful? Be sure to let me know in the comments below.

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