Watch This Before It's Too Late, Not a Conspiracy Anymore (2023)


Watch until the end before it's too late, as pastor Charles Lawson explains how they are making a portal to open the doors for demons. The great dragon was hurled down-that an ancient serpent called the devil, or Satan, who leads the whole world astray. He was hurled to the earth and his angels with him - Woe to the earth and the sea because the devil has gone down to you! He is filled with fury because he knows that his time is short.

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They are attempting to recreate what they believe happened that brought all of this into existence as being the Big Bang.

Now you and I know from The Book of Genesis chapter number one that in the beginning God created the Heaven and the Earth, he spoke it into existence.

They are discovering things that they did not expect to discover as they get deeper and deeper.

They are beginning to find out that there is a whole lot more to the creation than they had ever given thought to before they're beginning to find out that there's something going on here that boggles the human mind that literally blows us apart when we try to even comprehend what's happening.

This 17 Mile, Long underground tube that is located there in Switzerland has I think four or five different points where they collide with some safe protons and maybe something else, but particles that are being moved at or above the speed of light inside this collider.

And apparently the larger.

The collider, the more speed that they can attain and the more they're able to get deeper into what they're looking for.

They are looking for the very building blocks of what brought all of this together so they're going through this to go back to that point to where they can separate and find out what this was like then.

And by doing that, of course, they can build on the information and knowledge that they attain where they have done.

This experimentation.

Strange things are happening unexpected by the scientists paranormal phenomena.

They like to call it apparitions ghost all kinds of demonic spirits are beginning to manifest themselves in ways.

Here we have in CERN Switzerland, a huge wheel inside that wheel is a Hindu god.

And his name is Shiva.

He does a dance of Destruction inside that wheel.

And his purpose is, he is one of the Triad Gods from the greatest gods of Hinduism Shiva Vishnu and Brahma Brahma is the god of creation.

Vishnu is the god of preservation.

But Shiva is the God of destruction, the way the Hindu sees it is that when Shiva destroys it's, not for the purpose of annihilation, he destroys so that Brahma can come and recreate.

So now, when the Hindu since they're scientists discern, they put this out there in front.

And so what these people are doing with the Collider is destroying what comes together, but for the purpose of recreating and find out what brought it into existence to begin with.

Now here we have men that are scientists on an average of an IQ of anywhere from 160 to 200 or even above these are some of the smartest brains in all the world.

But we were told when Darwin's theory of evolution came out and became Vogue, then it would destroy the foundations of Christianity.

And this old book that we hold in our hands, it's old, outdated Bible would no longer be relevant and a lot of people bought into it.

Because after all Darwin is scientific, but it's, an amazing thing.

Now that 150 years later, we have some of the greatest scientists in the world that becoming very religious, because here they've got Shiva, they've got dances to Shiva, and they are definitely being connected with Shiva as they're finding thing.

Let me give you one example in one of their collisions when they collided these particles together, they saw things.

They were apparitions.

They didn't expect to see they didn't fit in any model.

They didn't fit anywhere.

They don't belong, but they could not deny the reality of it.

Something was going on inside there that they could not explain.

And it was scary for them for the scientist has his paper and his pencil and his books.

And if it doesn't fit in his paper and his pencil and his books, it's out the window, they don't understand they have a hard time.

Accepting the fact that there is a spirit word out there that spirit world was created by a spirit being An, Almighty eternal, absolute being that is from Everlasting to Everlasting.

You put in me, what I am today by the power of almighty God, and by the power of the new birth, but a scientist like that will never admit that because that takes it out of his control and his power he's going to be able to he's got to be able to demonstrate his theory and put it into motion.

But anyway, I want you to think about what I'm saying Stephen Hawking and a theoretical physicist has warned these people you are about to open Pandora's Box.

And once you open Pandora's Box, you cannot put Pandora.

You cannot put back in what came out of that box.

They want to know what that matter was like before.

It came into its present form.

They must determine what holds it together.

They must break down the element and see what holds it together.

Now, folks, if you know your Bible, you know, what's holding it together.

This is a big deal to these people what's holding this together.

The Bible says, all things are uphold or withhold upholded by the word of his power.

A word is a spiritual thing.

You can never put it under a microscope, but it's real who sealed you until the day of redemption, the Holy Ghost who put life inside your soul for your heart has set on fire.

When you read his word and pray.

The Holy Ghost do it in this house would deny this morning, the reality of a spirit being that saved you and broke your name in the Lamb's Book of Life and indwells you right now, but they want to know they want to find out CERN allows them to examine particles in their initial State, not have to responded together.

So what has come from CERN now? Listen carefully, what I'm going to say to you? What has come out of this? One thing for certain is what's called anti-matter.

Let me tell you what anti-matter some of the characteristics of it they're those that believe that for everything in the universe that is matter that there is a corresponding antimatter, a very unstable, something to contain it it's going to burn it's very volatile.

And it is very very very very uncertain as to what all it's capable of doing antimatter is a product of this experimentation in CERN Switzerland antimatter is coming from it.

Antimatter is so powerful that one man says, one grain, one grain of antimatter is the equivalent of four atomic bombs that were dropped on Hiroshima and I found out they call it little boy.

The first bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima that later on the one on Nagasaki I thought, what was in that bottle? What exploded some kind of a nuclear reaction took place and from what I can find out? It was no more than from nine to 13 grams inside there that exploded it doesn't sound like much to me does it.

In other words, the bomb that exploded at Hiroshima when they split the atom when they released the energy from the atom by the process, they used are you telling me that there was no more there than what would be a handful I'm, not saying I understand all that, but I want you to think about it for a minute, if no more than a handful of this material, 8 to 13 grams of matter was used to explode and release energy and heat, but it wouldn't seem to me to be a whole lot to begin with.

But now because of their technology and what they're doing at certain Switzerland that they can produce this stuff, much quicker and they're beginning to produce antique matter when they produce antimatter.

Strange things happen.

They took some of it, and they put it in a college.

They won't name the college, and for reasons I understand and the college had the facilities to contain it antimatter has to be contained.

So they put it into college to contain it.

Strange things started happening at the college.

People started hallucinating.

Having visions people were going wild.

All kinds of crazy stuff was happening apparitions.

In plainer words, there's a connection between this stuff and the spirit world.

Now I want you to think for a minute.

The Bible said, he that letteth will let until it be taken out of the way.

Second, Thessalonians.


Number two, God Almighty is going to let them go so far, but he's, not going to go any further.

The spirit world folks is not affected by the physical demons.

All this other stuff, probably couldn't care less, whether you've got matter or antimatter, it's a spirit being, but to fit into the great deception, that's coming and it's coming and it's about here right now.

I mean, a deception like this world has never known before fit into this great deception that can sure draw these men in to make them think that because they have reached this certain point in their scientific analysis that they're bringing in these Spirit beings, it'll make True Believers out of them, but it'll do more than bring to make two Believers out of them NASA.

They said that by the year 2020 that we will definitely come in contact with aliens beings from another planet.

Now, we're talking about scientists, we're talking about Darwin's crowd, we're talking about the crowd that through the Bible out and said, it's told archaic anachronistic, it doesn't belong today.

We're talking about that bunch, we're, too smart for the Bible we're scientists.


This crowd is saying that in just a few years that they're going to know that they know that they're going to come in contact with alien beings.

And what you think is an alien being is really a demon.

There are no aliens out there.

Folks, forget that stuff? Okay, there's.

Nothing out there.

You get into the third heaven you get into the Abode of God there's.

Nothing up there.

All these UFOs spacecraft, flying saucers all this stuff that's all demonic it's real, but it's demonic it's, not real like we understand reality, but it's, really real demonic.

I, see a great deception beginning to develop that in their analysis.

And in their Laboratories that they believe in that, they've got their heart and soul tied up in Little Things begin to show up stuff that they can't explain that sucks them in to begin to understand.

Well, maybe this is a this is being affected it's being acted upon by something that we don't understand completely and this spirit being that comes from out there that comes down to this world.

They accept with open arms because they're willing to put Shiva out there dancing around in the cosmos and destroying.

And then bringing a new creation in hear these wise, smart brilliant men and they're willing to believe that there's something more than what can be measured in a microscope and can be put in a Petri dish that there's something going on.

And you better believe there is there's something going on now, the spirit world that I just preached to you about, you can see that now, what about the physical world let's go back to Hawking for a minute? He said, remember he's an atheist.

He doesn't believe in spirits he's, a dialectical, materialist, he's, a bullshitic.

He believes that what they're liable to do here in CERN Switzerland is unleash the Gates of Hell on this Earth.

The reason I took you to revelation is because of the ninth chapter of Revelation.

What you just read is the Gate of Hell Revelation chapter before is the door to heaven when he catches up his Saints to meet him in the clouds we're going through the door into heaven, but he will open the Gate of Hell on this Earth.

And according to Revelation chapter number nine, these beings are coming up out of the Earth.

What would be a greater ruse than to use their science and their technology to suck them in to accepting some spirit being coming from somewhere up here, some alien down to this earth and do it through a collider over here.

This is as high a technology I.

Suppose, you got on this Earth and do it for that and bring it down upon this Earth and bring it into people here's.

One of the things about this this this.

This antimatter is also called dark matter.

Dark matter has energy attached to it and the energy affects people.

It affects them.

And remember when you produce antimatter, you've got to contain it, because if you don't contain it, you've got to contain it that's, the biggest problem containing it, because if you don't contain it, it just goes wild, and they don't know what it's liable to do.

Now folks go check me out you better contain it, because you don't know what it's liable to do, but they do know this from what they've experienced so far.

It has an effect on people.

Dark matter has an effect on people.

It causes some people to go screaming mad.

It controls people.

It is an.

It is an enormously powerful thing.

It's, pulling something out of hell that you don't want any part to do with and turning it loose on mankind.

Now, you know, I, don't, I, don't have ever been in agreeing with an atheist before, but I'm going to agreement with this one I and Mr Hawking, see it the same way they better leave that stuff alone.

Yeah, foreign.

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